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Influence a new worldfor our kids

Les Jouets Libres fairly designs games and toys, for young and older. And may be a little more.

Involved and responsible, we take part of the new social movement. We are trying to change the world and give the best to our children. We focus our creative energy only on games encouraging the children's devolpment. In response to hyperconsuming society, we provide sustainable products, without any plastic and we use only materials with limited ecological impact. Our suppliers are team members, we choose a short-cut method and we are working with a social center for disabled workers concerning the assembling of products.

We drive modestly, at our speed. Support and join us. We need you.

A new and original approach

Design Discover a modern world
We pay much attention to the graphic design of our games and we try to add a touch of humor and originality. We love design and like to think that somehow kids could play with "design"!
Mobility Play everywhere, anytime
Children can carry their games wherever they want. The games are packed in pouches made of organic cotton to facilitate movements. Thus, our games get the spirit of freedom we want to instill in our brand. With Les Jouets Libres, we promote the idea of being free with open-ended toys.
Connection Create a lasting bond
We strive to create an emotional link between the child and the games. For this reason the child has to finish the games by sticking stickers on wooden pieces. Taking the pouches everywhere enables child's sense of ownership to be enhanced.
Freedom (Re)-Invent the rules
We trust in kids' creativity and imagination. Our games enable the children to take part in drawing up rules. As they get older, they can adapt the rules in accordance to their way of thinking and their skills.

Local and responsible manufacturing

LOCAL Fairly made in France
Our wooden pieces come from the Jura forests in eastern France (Moirans). The small clips are molded in the Oyonnax Valley which is the cradle of plastics processing industry in France. The marbles are hand crafted near Limoges in the last traditional ball factory in Europe now qualified as a "Living Heritage Company".
ECO-DESIGN Healthy and sustainable games
A "zero waste" goal! There is no unnecessary packaging: the instructions are directly printed on the box, the pouches of GOTS certified organic cotton (India) replace disposable plastic bags. We select all of our manufacturing partners in a limited geographical area to reduce the carbon footprint.
educational Re-invent intelligent games
A thousand rules! We place a great deal of importance to children's creativity by giving them the freedom to imagine their own rules. By sticking by themselves the stickers on the games, your children can appropriate and create their own world while developing their motor skills.
Responsible Develop in a sustainable way
Because your children's safety is a priority, we have carefully selected and tested the materials according to high quality standards: Reach, EN71.1/2/3, wood and paper are from sustainably managed French forests, Imprim'Vert or OekoTex inks, GOTS cotton ... Our choice to work with local SMEs reflects our commitment to support the local industry.

Love at first sight guaranteedYou'll never see toys in the same way again

Our storyWe tell you everything about us

A kid story. The story of Les Jouets Libres began in a child's bedroom where a 5 years old boy asked his dad: "Dad, can we build a marble track ?"..."And dad, I would like heroes too, huh?". An adventure has just started. Thus, from our first range of toys RouleTaBille was born the publishing company of children's toys "Les Jouets Libres" with the will of developing modern, sustainable and ecological toys made in France where the child is involved in the game and can develop his/her imagination and creativity. Stronger experience. As we consider that the child's development occurs through intelligent toys, we would like to involve children in our societal approach: for example, we develop partnerships around forest issues to explain that for making a wooden toy, there is a whole ecosystem to preserve... A concept is born. RouleTaBille was launched at the end of October 2012 and received a rousing welcome from toy industry. So we decided to speed up our development and in January 2013 at the "Maison et Objets" Fair, we presented a new collection about "the revisited great classics". Today we continue to develop our products by partnering with external illustrators for example.

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